BTS 65 flail mower

Power and easy handling, for a clean and precise cut every time
Lightweight and suited to all types of terrain, the BTS 65 flail mower is geared to professional users and represents the ideal machine for cleaning and tidying even the most confined spaces. The result? A sharp cut which makes light work of any obstacle.
In the unblemished natural surroundings of the foothills of Reggio Emilia, the landscape is dominated by rolling countryside, expanses of lush greenery and idyllic views. On the horizon we can make out Canossa Castle, which is over a thousand years old. We have been invited here by Matteo Chiapponi, who owns some land and wishes to try out the BTS 65 flail mower.
The testing area is a wide grassy clearing situated on a slight incline, which is in need of a thorough clean-up to get rid of tangled patches of scrub and low vegetation. The machine makes a positive impression right from the off. Starting the engine is simple thanks to the self-winding rope system, which minimises the effort of the operator.
It took our tester only a few minutes to get an accurate idea of how the BTS 65 worked: “This flail mower is surprisingly easy to handle, especially in relation to the power of the petrol engine (from 4.8 kW), which makes it more than a match for stubborn terrain like this. Aside from its light weight, the steering system is what stands out for me: the independent steering clutches on the driving wheels enable me to move about extremely easily”. The cutting results are impressive too, as our tester explains: “Thanks to the cutting unit (which is equipped with 38 fins) the machine makes light work of obstacles and is able to chop and pulverise large clumps of undergrowth and scrub without any problem whatsoever. Also, the wide cut (65 cm) enabled me to clear the whole area in just a few passes”.
We move towards some trees which mark the edge of the clearing in which we are working: with a few simple movements Matteo Chiapponi adjusts the width of the handlebars. “While it’s important that the handlebars are height adjustable, so that I can maintain the correct working posture at all times and therefore save effort, it’s equally good that they are side adjustable in this way. In fact, I often find myself working in tight spaces. Not just in situations like this, but also in the fruit orchard or vineyard”.
Once the job is done, we accompany Chiapponi to the garage where he stores his work tools. Driven partly over dirt tracks and partly over tarmac surfaces, the BTS 65 flail mower moves effortlessly along. This is due in part to its 4-speed gearbox, which includes three forward speeds and one reverse.
Chiapponi is very satisfied with the results of the trial: “The Bertolini BTS 65 flail mower is definitely a good solution for farmers like me. Not only is it powerful, it’s also extremely easy to handle. What’s more, it ensures a consistently clean and precise cut. As for safety aspects, the service and parking brakes automatically engage when the clutch is released, which gives me peace of mind that I can work without risks even on sloping land”. 
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